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Big Island Bridge news updates:   (updated: 11/9/07)


Nov 9, 2007: Colleen Lee has moved to Seattle, WA.  She is being treated for Lymph node cancer.   Her email address is   or


Nov 9, 2007: Wes Hofer died from lung cancer on Nov 5, 2007.  The club met Joy Hofer and her sister Jan after the bridge game on Thursday, November 8, 2007.  There will be a full military funeral in Honolulu on Thursday, Nov 11, 2007.  Wes was a retired Major serving in the US AF.


Oct 24, 2007: Margot Skilling is home after being hospitalized at Kona Community Hospital.  She is recovering from a stroke.


Sept 29, 2007: Buz Babbitt had surgery on Thursday and is doing well.  The lung test came out negative so the lungs are ok.


Check out the bridge website,; a website provided by Anne Lund, a Kona Bridge Club player, and Mike Lawrence. 


2/11/07:  Jeanne Martin lost her battle with leukemia last evening.  There will be no services.  Her ashes will be spread at sea.  If you have further questions, ask Rich at 965-0133 or



Bob VanderVeer, Waikoloa resident and Dick Church`s bridge partner died on July 26, 2006.  We send our deepest sympathy to Sharon Morris and Bob`s family and friends.   Bob was a very gracious bridge player with compassion for his partner, other players, and the game.





Late Plays:

A club may handle late plays in any manner it deems appropriate.

At a tournament, if the auction has started, the board is played.

Penalties may be applied to the pair(s) at fault.


Butch Campbell

Manager - Tournament Department



link in Sunday, Feb 26, 2006.


Timeless:  A bridge poem:  I`m Giving Up Bridge;  by Anon




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